"Why do some businesses take Off to seven-figures in revenue quickly...while others seem to stall or never take off in the first place?"

"What do they know that the others don't?"

These are questions that I've been obsessed

with for 20 years now.

And since you're an entrepreneur, these questions have probably kept you up at night at some point or another, too.


"Why Do Some Businesses Take Flight To Seven-Figures In Revenue Quickly...While Others Seem To Stall Or Never Take Off In The First Place?"


"What do they know that the others don't?"

And with good reason! All you have to do is look around and you'll realize...

The numbers aren't pretty...

The best stats I can get my hands on indicate that - of the millions of businesses operating in the United States - only 7% reach $1 million or more in annual sales.

That's frightening! 

And keep in mind, those are TOP LINE sales numbers...NOT profit!

Given that the average profitability of small businesses is in the single digits, the money these owners get to take home paints a picture that's even bleaker!

The reality is that most businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

I don't know about you...but I didn't become an entrepreneur to just 'get by'.

Nobody in their right mind would give up the security of a good job and a steady paycheck with the goal of just 'getting by' as an entrepreneur.

Nobody dreams of taking on the incredible challenges of creating something from scratch, just so they can struggle to put food on the table each day.

Yes, the 'climb' and the hard work that goes along with that is part of the deal, but only because there is something on the other side of that climb that's worth it.

Just 'getting by' doesn't cut it - not for you or your family.

A healthy business must grow.

In fact, a mentor of mine, the great strategy and advertising man Robert Bloom, says that...

"A flourishing business should double 

in size every five years."

It's ambitious, but I agree.

There's too much risk, too much stress, and too many long days and late nights to have it make sense any other way. 

And there's no reason to accept anything less, because it's clear to see that...

in every industry there are businesses that overcome the challenges to create rapid growth...why is that?

Even in industries that have brutal competition, there is always someone that finds a way to stand out and create rapid growth.

Why is that?

That's the question that I became obsessed with.

As I've heard Tony Robbins say many times, "Success leaves clues". 

I became obsessed with figuring out how to grow businesses.

So, I went on the hunt for answers.

And fortunately...I found them.

I've been fortunate to build seven-figure businesses four different times - in IT Services, Agency Service, Information Publishing, and eCommerce.

One of my businesses was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States three years in a row by INC Magazine (although it wasn't my fastest-growing business...that came later!).

In the process, I opened offices across the country, with teams in Boston, Denver, and Santa Monica, and close partners in just about every major market in the country.

We even acquired businesses...

And eventually got acquired ourselves:

but trust me...it didn't start that way.

I struggled as much as anyone to get my first business to grow.

In my first year of business, we did $65,000 in revenue.

That's not bad for a first year...until you learn that I had three employees and was renting an office in downtown Boston!

I was in debt up to my eyeballs, had my first child on the way, and felt a tremendous amount of pressure to make something work.

And then this happened...

Over the next few years, we grew so fast the wheels were nearly falling off the cart!

And that's when we earned that those INC 5000 awards as one of the fastest growing businesses in American three years in a row.

was it luck?

There is ALWAYS some luck involved in success...every honest entrepreneur will admit that! 

But I've been fortunate to replicate fast growth to seven-figures four different times in multiple industries IT Services, Agency Service, Information Publishing, and eCommerce.

In fact, my very next business grew much, much faster than my first: 

So, what changed?

It would be nice to tell you that there was some 'magic funnel' I could sell you...

Or that we created a new technology with a patent that I could license to you...

Or that if you just run your Facebook Ad campaigns in a certain way then customers will come pouring in...

The truth.

You've probably heard enough of the 'easy button' pitches about how to grow your business to know the reality:

There are 'easy button' sales pitches...and then there is the truth.

The truth is something much less sexy than an 'easy button' pitch, but much more valuable to you.

What changed is that I learned that...

While every business has its unique challenges...every business also has the same fundamentals that create growth.

When you learn to focus on those fundamentals...instead of the latest 'hack' or tactical gimmick, you can create fast growth opportunities in just about any business you decide to tackle.

Take my experience in e-commerce as an example:

We built a new business to be one of the 10 fastest growing on the Shopify platform in an industry I knew nothing about - based on the suggestion of one of my employees - primarily motivated by seeing if we could win their 'Build a Business' competition and get a free trip to see Richard Branson on his private island.

(Full Disclosure: That business later self-destructed, which created a lot of valuable new learning opportunities!)

I didn't win the competition, but I learned something even more important in the process...

I learned that you can enter any business - in any industry - with a set of tools that give you the confidence to know that you can create an engine that will fuel its growth...and fuel the lifestyle you deserve.

And a well-run, fast-growth business can be sold...which is where you as an entrepreneur really stand to benefit from all of your hard work!

where do you learn these fundamentals?

Well, after investing tens of thousands of dollars to get my MBA from the #1 ranked program for entrepreneurship in the world, I can tell you that it's not at business school!

Don't get me wrong, I learned a ton from the program and loved my experience there, but at no point did any person or course ever make clear:

"Here are the X things you need to have in place to have the best chance at growing your business to seven-figures and beyond as soon as possible."

Which seems crazy to me now!

Getting to seven-figures in revenue is such a critical milestone for demonstrating that you have a viable opportunity as an entrepreneur...

...and yet there wasn't a clear guide showing me what it takes?

I could show you a thousand business school case studies on how to raise $100 million from venture capitalists and take your company public...

...and I could show you one hundred different courses available on the market today about how to optimize campaigns on this ad network or that ad network...

...and yet there wasn't a single checklist of the factors that would give me the best chance to get my first seven-figures in revenue?!

It makes no sense.

Instead, I learned through tons of trial-and-error, reading hundreds of books, attending dozens of courses, and asking countless mentors.

And after seeing the same struggles of the thousands of entrepreneurs that I've worked with over the last ten years...

...it became painfully clear to me that our education system has failed entrepreneurs for decades.

Which is why I created...

Every entrepreneur I've met has felt...

Unclear about where to start, what to focus on, and what to ignore...

Frustrated that you seem to be working harder and harder but not making progress...

Unsure how you are going to differentiate your business from the hordes of copycat competitors...

Worried that you're going to be 'stuck' at your current revenue levels indefinitely.

You're not alone!

Every entrepreneur has felt that list of feelings above at one point or another...usually several of them at the same time!

But the best entrepreneurs commit to finding the resources and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles and escape the no-growth 'treadmill'.

Growth Accelerator Is designed to help you answer those questions and get your business on track for seven-figures FAST!

The Growth Accelerator program is for your if:

  • You're just starting your business and want the knowledge and resources to shift the odds in your favor.
  • You have been in business for a while but feel 'stuck' and realize that there is something missing that is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Here is what you'll get from the Growth Accelerator program...

a Clear understanding of your ideal target customer

Get clear on who is the best fit for your products and get to know them so well that you 'enter the conversation in their head'!

  • Find the ideal target customer that can buy from you at the volume and price points you need to grow profitably.
  • Get to know the pains, goals, and 'talk-tracks' happening in their minds related to your products.
  • Learn where they 'hang out' so you can target them effectively with your ads.

An 'Uncommon Offer' That Differentiates You From The Competition

No matter how exciting your vision and strategy are, you must have something to offer your customers that is clearly different from the competition. It's called an 'Uncommon Offer', and there is a process for creating one.

  • 'Map' your competitors' offers and identify gaps in their value propositions to attack and exploit 
  • Create an offer that is clearly different from your competitors and that has both tangible and emotional benefits for your customer
  • Create differentiation that is impossible for your competition to 'funnel hack' 

A Clear value proposition Statement that powerfully resonates with your target customer

You can't sell it if you can't clearly and concisely explain it!

  • Clarify your Value Proposition so that your products and brand stand out from the competition.
  • Create a clear, concise statement so your target customer immediately recognizes that you what you have is for them.

'Power Messaging' That tells your story and sells your difference 

Selling features and benefits isn't enough. You must have a 'Power Message' that sells your story and your difference to get through to your prospects.

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors by identifying the clear message attributes you want to own.
  • Use your messaging in various forms throughout your sales and marketing process to get in the door and close more sales.
  • Tell the stories that emotionally connect with your prospects and create a relationship that goes beyond transactional.

See what other entrepreneurs are saying 

about our training

Get Better Results

"Mike Cooch’s training and coaching is an optimum investment in business growth and success. He shares the vision, model, resources and daily activities required to actually build a real business in the Internet Marketing industry. This is not just a one-time flash-in-the-pan shallow kind of training. Mike holds our feet to the fire to get things done, and if we get off track, he hauls us right back

Jo Lyn Cornelsen

BeneVivi Media

One of America's Fastest Growing Companies

"Thank you Michael Cooch & Josh Clifford. Your training, coaching, and guidance over the years has been instrumental in our continued growth and success. We we attended your event in 2013, we were only at about $35K per month in revenue.

You armed us with the tools, resources and strategies to scale to the next level. Thank you!!!"

Josh Nelson

CEO Plumbing & HVAC SEO

Multiple time INC 5000 Winner

Working with your peers to get results

It's been my go to group for clarity, frameworks, and support as I have grown my Digital Agency over the years. From growth strategies to hiring, this community accelerates it all. 

David Mentzel

Owner Sales Genesis

A growth equation that clearly illustrates exactly how growth happens at your business

Most business plans aren't worth the paper they are printed on. You need a simple Growth Equation that shows you exactly how your business grows.

  • Document that formula that shows you exactly how to make growth happen at your business - no guessing!
  • Get clear on the metrics that you need to track and optimize. 
  • Clearly identify the biggest 'levers' to create fast growth.

a List-Building System that constantly fills your funnel with prospects

Leads are the lifeblood of your sales pipeline!

  • Create a single lead magnet that will produce the lowest cost leads consistently.
  • Use my simple but incredibly powerful testing strategy to improve your opt-in rate by as much as 2-3X!
  • Create and deploy ad campaigns on Facebook that are simple, require almost no management, and will get you affordable leads 24/7 on autopilot.
  • Build a list of prospects that you can follow up - the most important asset at your business!

an Automated Sales process that turns Prospects into Buyers 24/7

  • Avoid all of the tech and funnel overwhelm and build an automated 'Minimum Viable Sales Process' that gets the job done!
  • Design a full stack of product offers to create maximum ROI opportunity from every customer.
  • Build email and retargeting follow up sequences so you maximize every opportunity.

What you'll learn on this page

  • Is Growth Insiders right for you?
  • What you actually get (it’s more than you think)
  • Find out why this is a RISK-FREE offer
  • Say NO to future price rises!

The AIDA 2.0 Sales & Marketing Methodology

Putting Digital First

  • AIDA 2.0 is all about how to approach sales and marketing in today’s digital world
  • Use this framework to help you see the ‘big picture’ of your approach to sales and marketing
  • Understand the phases of the overall sales and marketing process you must move a prospect through, no matter what you are selling

The VIP Selling Framework

Always Sell With Value First

  • It is our belief that the only way to sell in today’s competitive, social media-enabled world, is to lead with value, which is the ‘V’ in VIP
  • This framework visually represents both a sales philosophy and the practical approach you can use to bring that philosophy to life in your sales process

The Profitability Leverage Formula

Make Profit A Priority

  • Tap into the power of automation and global talent to grow your business faster, more nimbly, and more profitably than ever before
  • The formula you must embrace in todays shifting global economy to stay ahead of your competition

The Growth Marketing Framework

A Scientific Approach To Growth

  • Growth doesn’t have to be a mystery!
  • The Growth Marketing Framework lays out an approach to growing your business that is based on the Scientific Method
  • Using ‘growth experiments’ to test the many possibilities available to you that could possibly lead to growth in a scientific manner
  • This is THE reliable way to grow any business in any industry

Listen to what other entrepreneurs have to say about us and our training


  • Get clear on how to run your business from a 'Strategy First' position. No more spinning your wheels, unclear of where you should be spending your time and resources. We'll help you fully bake your strategic direction so you can ignore shiny objects and operate with clarity and focus.
  • Differentiate your business from a sea of copycat competitors. It's never been easier to 'hack' somebody's website, sales process, and products. So how do you ensure you are differentiated in the marketplace? We'll show you how.
  • Create a Growth Plan that works. Most business plans aren't worth the paper they are printed on. We'll show you how to create a practical Growth Plan that gives you clarity and confidence.
  • Get laser-focused on the #1 thing you should focus on right now to grow your business profitably.​Use the 'Predictable Growth Formula' framework to pinpoint exactly where your growth bottlenecks are so you can finally get your business on track for fast growth.
  • Drive predictable growth using the 'Growth Operating System' that shows you how to systematically and predictably grow your business by removing the 'growth bottlenecks' that are limiting your potential. 
  • Save time by focusing on the critical few activities that will deliver the biggest results. Use our prioritization framework to quickly determine which initiatives will give you the most return for your effort.
  • Get straight advice and feedback from an experienced fast-growth CEO on our weekly Growth Insiders Members Only 'Growth Huddles', where we combine personal feedback and advice with insights about the latest trends and innovations that will impact your business, and a focus on fundamentals that are timeless and transferable to any business. Sales pitch FREE.
  • Get market-tested training on the core themes every early-stage entrepreneur should be focused on today - Traffic, Content, Social Media, Sales, List Building, Culture Building, Strategy and more. 
  • Save money, time and focus and stop buying every new 'shiny object' - we’ll give you tested and trustworthy advice about the tools you should use to grow your business.
  • Find the community of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can lean on in the Growth Insiders Private Facebook Group where you'll get the timely answers to questions and bottlenecks that are slowing you down, as well as develop new friendships and relationships that will serve you for the long term.
  • Get Accountability. The top performers in any field have coaches and peers that hold them to a higher standard and push them to honor their commitments to themselves. We'll do our part to hold you accountable through regular 'Growth Huddles' and peer relationships.
  • Grow your business to seven-figures faster! That's what this program is all about - leveraging proven approaches to give you a shortcut to reach your goals faster.

What's your investment?

The goal of Growth Accelerator is to close the very expensive gap between where you are today...and where you could be.

The biggest expense you'll ever have as an entrepreneur is the gap between where you are and where you could be if you were achieving your full potential.

How much is it costing you - financially and emotionally - when you don't hit your growth goals?

If you aren't growing like you are capable of, it's already costing you a great deal.

If you aren't satisfied with where you're at...

If you're determined to answer these questions and finally build a foundation at your business that fuels rapid, consistent growth... 

If you want to operate your business based on proven strategies instead of the latest 'shiny object'... 

If you're 110% COMMITTED to overcoming all of these challenges to achieve your goals...

And if you'd like a guide to help you get it all done faster....

….you’ve come to the right place.

Invest in learning the fundamentals of creating a growth business and start closing that gap today.

'Startup' Membership

Who is it for?

1. Start-up entrepreneurs that need clarity, systems, and guidance to launch their business to seven-figures as quickly as possible.

2. Entrepreneurs stuck in the low-growth or no-growth 'grind' that need to address the fundamentals of their business to create a proper foundation for growth.

'Mogul' Membership

who is it for?

Entrepreneurs that have demonstrated that they have a viable business foundation for growth and that want the strategies, tools and guidance to truly separate themselves from the competition and grow their business into the mid-seven figures and beyond as quickly as possible.

Here's what you get:

Growth Insiders Founder Mike Cooch leads weekly calls for all members where he covers key topics for seven-figure growth, interviews experts and answers all member questions.
Get access to our private community of dedicated entrepreneurs to brainstorm, collaborate, and get the support you need.
Don't travel without a map. Use our proven Growth Engine ' frameworks, tools and standard operating procedures to build a business that is primed for rapid growth.
Access to all four of our Virtual Bootcamps held throughout the year - on Strategy, Growth Planning, Sales Automation, and Marketing Automation - are FREE for all 'Mogul' level members (normally priced at $297 each).